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General Section

  • What are Surgical Oncology Open Access journals?

    Surgical Oncology Open Access journals publish high-quality, peer-reviewed original research across a broad range of scientific disciplines. Manuscripts can be submitted directly, with a number of journals also receiving papers that are referred by other Surgical Oncology journals participating in the Manuscript Transfer Program.

  • Where can I find a list of Surgical Oncology Open Access journals?

    A full list of available Surgical Oncology Open Access titles is available on our Browse Journals page.

  • Where can I find more information about one of the Surgical Oncology journals?

    Go to Browse Journals, select the journal which you are interested in, and click ‘Journal Information’ to go to the journal’s web page.

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  • Are fee waivers or discounts available?

    Fee waivers or discounts are available for authors based upon countries

  • Are the journals indexed in ISI, PubMed, etc.?

    We will apply to abstract and indexing services that are appropriate for each journal, including the Web of Science. Full information about this for each journal can be found on individual journal homepages.

  • How can I read articles in Surgical Oncology Open Access journals?

    All articles are published on Surgical Oncology and are immediately freely available to read, download and share. You can search for a specific article on the Surgical Oncology homepage, or visit a journal homepage for a full list of issues.

  • How do I pay for my Article Publication Charge?

    Payment of the Article Publication Charge can be made by credit card, or bank transfer. Details are included in the invoice that you’ll receive. The corresponding author is responsible for making payment of Article Publication Charges or for providing details of the funding organization or institution that will be making payment on their behalf. If your manuscript’s Article Publication Charge is being paid by a funding organization or institution, then payment will be made by the appropriate funding body directly with Surgical Oncology Open Access.

  • How do I submit my paper to a Surgical Oncology Open Access journal?

    Papers can be submitted directly to Surgical Oncology Open Access journals through an online submission site. To submit a manuscript, go to Browse Journals, select the journal you wish to submit to, and click the ‘Submit a Manuscript’ link. Alternatively, from the journal homepage on Surgical Oncology, select the ‘Submit an Article’ link on the left-hand menu.

  • What are the Article Publication Charges for Surgical Oncology Open Access journals?

    To cover publication costs, Surgical Oncology Open Access journals charge a publication fee. The Article Publication Charge (APC) is the price an author, institution or funder pays on acceptance for publication of an open-access article. APCs vary depending on the journal; for a full list of Surgical Oncology Open Access fees view the journals. Discounts are available for authors of refereed papers to low economy countries. Authors resident in any of the countries of the European Union have to add Value-Added Tax (VAT). Institutions paying the fee on behalf of the author can in most cases have the VAT refunded, or, by providing their VAT registration number*, avoid paying VAT altogether (*except UK).

  • What electronic file types can I use to submit my article?

    For information on article submission please refer to the Author Guidelines of your chosen journal. From the journal homepage on Surgical Oncology, select the ‘Author Guidelines’ link on the left-hand menu. You can also review our Manuscript Preparation Guidelines here.

  • What is the copyright policy for Surgical Oncology?

    All of Surgical Oncology fully open access journals publish open access articles under a Creative Commons License. Authors retain the copyright to their work and the public is allowed to reuse the content. You grant Surgical Oncology a license to publish the article and identify as the original publisher. Most of the journals in our open access program offer one or more of three license types; read your chosen journal’s author guidelines for details on the journal’s specific copyright agreement. All Surgical Oncology Open Access journals allow authors to comply with funder mandates which require their articles to be published under a CC-BY license.

  • What is the editorial structure for the journals?

    Each journal has an Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editors (for some titles) and an editorial board consisting of experts in the fields that are included in the scope of the journal. The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for ensuring the overall quality of the journal, making final accept/reject decisions with support from the Associate Editors and editorial board members. The internal editorial structure includes a publisher, managing editor, and editorial assistant to facilitate the publication process.

  • What is the peer-review process?

    The review process varies from journal to journal, but all titles aim to have an efficient peer review and production process to facilitate rapid publication. Articles submitted directly to a Surgical Oncology Open Access journal will be fully peer-reviewed by at least two appropriately qualified experts in the field selected by the Editor-in-Chief. The Editor-in-Chief or a designated member of the Editorial Board will then decide whether to accept, reject, or request revisions based on the reviews and comments received. Editors will decide whether each submission reports well-conducted research with conclusions supported by the data presented in the paper. Assessments of priority will not be a factor in decision-making, but all papers must make an incremental or novel addition to the literature.