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About Journal JSO

Journal Of Surgical Oncology

Journal Of Surgical Oncology a leading international platform dedicated to fostering research, knowledge exchange, and clinical advancement in the field of surgical oncology. We pride ourselves in publishing the highest quality peer-reviewed, scientific articles that illuminate the path to improved patient care and outcomes.

The Journal Of Surgical Oncology (JSO) is a specialized, international journal committed to the progression and dissemination of pioneering research in the field of surgical oncology. Our mission is to connect and inspire a global network of researchers, clinicians, and educators to advance the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer. In addition, we aim to serve as a reliable educational resource for the surgical oncology community.

Scope of Journal JSO

Clinical trials and outcome studies: We present rigorous investigations into innovative treatment protocols and their outcomes, helping clinicians shape their practices to improve patient survival and quality of life.

Translational research: We focus on the intersection of bench-side and bedside, accelerating the application of promising lab discoveries into practical treatment strategies.

Innovative surgical techniques and instruments: JSO keeps professionals abreast of the latest technological advancements and procedural breakthroughs that enhance the surgical treatment of cancer.

Multidisciplinary cancer care: Recognizing that the best patient outcomes are often achieved through a team-based approach, we explore the coordination of surgery with other modalities, including radiation and systemic therapies.

Cancer epidemiology and prevention: To understand and tackle cancer from its roots, we publish studies analyzing cancer trends, risk factors, screening methods, and preventive measures.

Cancer-related biomedical science: Our journal is a platform for basic and applied science studies that contribute to the understanding of cancer biology and the development of new therapeutic strategies.

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    For submission authors can directly submit manuscript to submission@openjso.com. If you want to proceed with online submission you can follow the below link. You will need to be a register user to submit your manuscript.

  • General Information

    Manuscripts number will be provided to the corresponding author within 72 hours for the respective manuscript submitted.

    1. • 14 days review process with international peer-review standards
    2. • Timeline of processing from Submission to Publication is 30 days
    3. • Manuscript will be published within 7 days of acceptance

  • Open Access

    All the work at Surgical Oncology is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Authors at Surgical Oncology retain copyright to their work and allow others to copy, distribute, transmit, and adapt their work, provided proper attribution is given.

    We follow Creative Commons 'Attribution' licence (CC BY). This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. View License Deed | View Legal Code

  • Indexing and Abstract

    All articles are made open access to maximise the long-term visibility, impact and influence of our content.

    1. • AcademicPub
    2. • The British Library
    3. • Cancerlit
    4. • EMBASE
    5. • Google Scholar
    6. • Medline/PubMed
    7. • ProQuest
    8. • Science Citation Index Expanded
    9. • Scopus
    10. • Scisearch
    11. • Web of Science
    12. • Emerging Sources Science Citation Index

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If your research is not easy to find, it cannot help advance science or scientific society. Post-publication of your research, indexing is the most important things we do at Surgical Oncology. We aim to make all articles published with Surgical Oncology easy to find by the widest audience and also work with search engines, social media platforms and scholarly communication networks.